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Release History

Base on VNC solutions

Following the RFB3.8 protocol standard, it supports lossless codec and lossy H264 codec, and can meet the needs of various scenarios. From chip, 3D and graphic design to low-power embedded field.

Nine image quality modes

Nine image quality modes can be switched freely, covering 8~32-bit colors, remembering classic 256 colors, 332 colors, 15 bit, 16 bit colors, experiencing high-end lossless true color, commonly used HD mode, enjoying extreme speed mode, etc.

Lossless image quality mode

The lossless compression technology similar to file compression ensures that the output and input of each frame are exactly the same, and there will be no color deviation of yuv444, let alone blur and sawtooth of h264.

Lossless image quality consumes more traffic than lossy image quality. It is recommended to mix lossless mode and HD mode.

VNC Also Support Play Video

Although watching movies or playing games on the remote desktop is more like doing nothing, it still has this capability.

Feature introduction

Free Use

Free use by individual users, no speed limit or number of devices

Building block module

Each service can be opened or closed independently, with stronger function expansion

P2P Connection

Free use by individual users, no speed limit or number of devices

Built in VNC/FTP and other components

Based on standard VNC and FTP components, it is easy to remotely manage your computer and files

Easy Installation

Select the corresponding binary installation package for direct installation according to the system.

Cross platform

Support cross platform and the same user experience: windows, MAC, Linux, etc

Privatization deployment

Support privatized deployment and function customization to facilitate the management or maintenance of various functional resources

Data security

End to end multiple encryption protection mechanism is adopted to protect users

UI Preview