WoVNCServer v3.2.0

Add WoVNCViewer application to check whether the service is running normally Fixed the problem of black screen on remote desktop in lossless mode in Apple

WoTerm v9.10 relase

Fix the crash bug that the VNC cache is too small. Add remote audio playback function, support Windows / Linux / Mac and other platforms. Migrate the file transfer function of feidesk so that it can directly start the transfer from the VNC interface.

FeiDesk v2.0 release

It is mainly used to synchronize the functions of wovnc and optimize other functions. Play the sound of the remote system in real time. At present, it fully supports the capture of the window desktop and all cross platform playback. Optimize FTP file management, and support remote windows to directly open FTP. Optimize the underlying …

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WoVNCServer 1.3 Release

Vncserver for Mac has finally been completed. In terms of function, it is consistent with that of window / Linux in terms of function and experience.

WoTerm v8.03 Release

Starting from version 8.03, it will be transferred to corporate operation, and some defects accumulated in the early stage will be repaired later

WoPort Private deployment

一、Architecture diagram 二、Function introduction 1、Support server-side privatization deployment 2、Support the interworking of any number of personal hosts 3、Support the relay [turn] mode and direct [stun] mode of P2P protocol, with priority to direct 三、Server configuration 1、You only need to configure the following red box information on client.      other else as below:     …

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WoVNCServer v1.1 Release

It has been released. At present, only window7 and window10 systems are supported. Linux and Mac OS X are still under development. It is estimated that they will be released in about a month. Because the EXE installation package is not signed by Microsoft, it will be prompted by the browser for risk after downloading, …

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